Special 20% Discount for Malatyaspor Fans!

Special 20% Discount for Malatyaspor Fans!
Malatyaspor, which has maintained its existence since 1986 and represents Malatya by rising every year, has a large fan base. As the Car Life Rent A Car family, we support the Malatyaspor team and crown our support with a special 20% discount for team fans. Everyone who supports the Malatyaspor team benefits from our Malatya car rental deals with a 20% discount.
Don't you want to take advantage of transportation opportunities thanks to your city's team while supporting your team? As you know, Malatya rental car prices vary according to the brand and model of the vehicle. Car rental prices, which are suitable for every budget, are getting even more affordable with Car Lfe Rent A Car campaigns. You can solve your transportation problem when you go to school, shopping, trips, picnics, travels, in short, many other places with the wonderful discount you will benefit from thanks to your team.
Our Malatya car rental campaigns continue throughout the year, sweeping you off your feet throughout the year. All you need to do is meet the simple conditions to take advantage of the 20% discount for Malatyaspor fans. Here are the campaign details.
Discounted Car Rental Terms
• The campaign is valid from 15.10.2021 until 15.05.2022.
• Discounted car rental service is only valid for local rental service.
• Those who want to take advantage of Malatyaspor's special car rental discount for fans must prove that they are supporters of the team. Passolig, Paso card or any document-identity-badge showing that you are a Malatyaspor supporter is sufficient.
• Only fans can benefit from the campaign.
• The campaign covers only car rental service; Various additional payments such as traffic fines, insurance, limit exceeding fees belong to the person who rents the vehicle.
• Car Life Rent A Car has the right to make changes in the campaign.
Our company, Car Life Rent A Car, where you can get the most suitable car rental service in Malatya, meets the transportation needs of the entire city with its fleet of vehicles of different brands and models. If you want to take advantage of Malatya car rental services more comprehensively, you can contact us and take advantage of the opportunities.
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