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Why Carlife?

Popular Rental Locations
Best price guarantee

We use big data technology to provide you with the best prices.

Award-winning guest services
Thousands of brand models

We offer all vehicles of hundreds of companies in more than 60 cities on one site.

Award-winning guest services
Award-winning guest services

We provide 100% guaranteed service with free cancellation and change.


What Is Malatya Famous For?

As Malatya Rent a Car, the leader of the sector, carlife rent a car provides 24/7 service with the latest model rent a car insured and guaranteed vehicles, and offers intercity chauffeured and non-driver services.

How to Rent a Car in Malatya?

For Malatya Car Rental, you must first contact us. This is done either by phone or by coming to our institution in person. After informing your needs and requirements, our modern vehicle fleets are shown to you. All of our cars are the latest models and their maintenance is done at regular intervals. At the same time, it is subjected to a detailed cleaning after each use, paying attention to the hygiene rules. If you want to see the vehicles with your own eyes, this opportunity is provided to you. Thus, you can see how Malatya Vehicles are, and then make a decision among the options. After you choose the vehicle you want, an agreement is made with you and the vehicle is delivered to you. Here, it is sufficient to show your driver's license and your Republic of Turkey ID card. The contract includes such matters as:

1. The date and time the car was rented.

2. The cost of renting a car.

3. Between which dates or times the car was rented.

4. The day and time the car will be delivered.

After reading the entire agreement text, you need to sign in the relevant field of the contract for Malatya car rental. Afterwards, the vehicle is delivered to you on the dates mentioned in the agreement. Since there is complete freedom of use here, your actions during this time are also your responsibility.