Malatya Airport

starting from120,00 TL
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Location one way fee
Pickup Location Drop Location Minimum Rental Duration One way fee
Malatya AirportMalatya Airport1 day(s)0,00 TL
Malatya AirportMalatya City center1 day(s)0,00 TL
Malatya AirportAdana Airport-ADA5 day(s)1499,00 TL
Malatya AirportAntalya Airport-AYT5 day(s)1499,00 TL
Malatya AirportAntalya Airport-GZP5 day(s)1499,00 TL
Malatya AirportDenizli Airport-DNZ5 day(s)2399,00 TL
Malatya AirportElazığ Airport-EZS5 day(s)799,00 TL
Malatya AirportGaziantep Airport-GZT5 day(s)799,00 TL
Malatya AirportHatay Airport-HTY5 day(s)1499,00 TL
Malatya Airportİstanbul Airport-IST5 day(s)1999,00 TL
Malatya Airportİstanbul Airport-SAW5 day(s)1999,00 TL
Malatya Airportİzmir Airport-ADB5 day(s)1999,00 TL
Malatya AirportKahramanmaraş Airport-KCM5 day(s)1299,00 TL
Malatya AirportKayseri Airport-ASR5 day(s)1299,00 TL
Malatya AirportKonya Airport-KYA5 day(s)1299,00 TL
Malatya AirportMersin Town Center5 day(s)799,00 TL
Malatya AirportMuğla Airport-BJV5 day(s)2399,00 TL
Malatya AirportMuğla Airport-DLM5 day(s)2399,00 TL
Malatya AirportSamsun Airport-SZF5 day(s)1499,00 TL
Malatya AirportŞanlıurfa Airport-GNY5 day(s)999,00 TL
Malatya AirportTrabzon Airport-TZX5 day(s)999,00 TL
Malatya AirportNevşehir Airport-NAV5 day(s)1299,00 TL
Malatya AirportMuğla Fethiye5 day(s)2399,00 TL
Malatya AirportVan Airport-VAN5 day(s)799,00 TL
Malatya AirportSivas Airport-VAS5 day(s)1299,00 TL
Malatya AirportBalıkesir Airport-BZI5 day(s)2399,00 TL
Malatya Airportİstanbul Kadıköy5 day(s)1999,00 TL
Malatya AirportAnkara Airport-ESB5 day(s)799,00 TL
Malatya AirportMardin Airport-MQM5 day(s)799,00 TL
Malatya AirportErzurum Airport-ERZ5 day(s)799,00 TL
Top rental cars for this car rental location
  • Dacıa Stepway
    Dacıa Stepway
    • 5 Person
    • 3 Luggages
    • Hatchback 5 Doors
    • Manual
    • Gasoline & LPG
    • A/C
    • GPS
    120,00 TL / day(s)
  • Fiat Egea
    Fiat Egea
    • 5 Person
    • 3 Luggages
    • Saloon
    • Manual
    • Diesel
    • A/C
    • GPS
    130,00 TL / day(s)
  • KİA
    • 5 Person
    • 3 Luggages
    • Saloon
    • Semi-Automatic
    • Diesel
    • A/C
    • GPS
    200,00 TL / day(s)
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