15% Car Rental Discount for Online Payment!

15% Car Rental Discount for Online Payment!
Car Life Rent A Car offers comfortable transportation opportunities to everyone with a driving license with its amazing discounts. Wherever you want to go in the city, the most comfortable transportation is personal vehicles. It is not possible to provide the desired hygiene and comfort in public transportation vehicles such as buses, minibuses, subways or taxis. Personal passenger vehicles, on the other hand, offer you a private transportation that belongs to you until the end. For transportation where you will feel comfortable, safe, hygienic and free, you can rent a car at a discount with our company Car Life Rent A Car, which is one of the leading names in the Malatya car rental industry. Our company, which offers a 25% discount on car rental for online payment, provides you with the comfort of the vehicle you want with its wide vehicle fleet.

Malatya car rental sector does not progress with specific prices; Car rental prices vary according to the brand and model. As the Car Life Rent A Car family, we offer discounts regardless of prices, and make online payment convenience and security more attractive with affordable prices. When you want to rent a car in Malatya, log in to the system on our website, complete the rental process in a few steps, and take advantage of a 15% car rental discount instantly.

Discounted Car Rental Terms

The campaign is valid from 15.10.2021 until 15.05.2022.
Discounted car rental service is only valid for local rental service.
Anyone who has a driver's license and over the age of 18 can benefit from the campaign.
The campaign covers only car rental service; Various additional payments such as traffic fines, insurance, limit exceeding fees belong to the person who rents the vehicle.
Car Life Rent A Car has the right to make changes in the campaign.

Our company, Car Life Rent A Car, where you can get the most suitable Malatya car rental service, is with you with discount campaigns whenever you need a private car. Please contact us if you need more comprehensive information or service.
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