Ford Focus

There is no one who does not know the Focus model of the Ford brand, which is an American wonder. Ford Focus C segment family type is a comfortable vehicle. It is known for its spacious interior, comfortable seats and ease of use. With its powerful engine and traction power, it can be used in the city, on the ground, etc. It can be used almost anywhere. Ford Focus, which impresses with its stylish design, has manual and automatic transmission options. With a luggage volume of 385 liters, it is possible to fit all the products that a family needs in the trunk. This model, which can be found easily in Malatya Car Rental offices, is an ideal vehicle for a comfortable ride.
If we talk about the technical features of Ford Focus;
• Ford Focus is mostly prepared with 1.6 engines.
• Ford Focus vehicles are strong in terms of traction. Horsepower is in the range of 115 – 120 horsepower.
• Ford Focus vehicles are front wheel drive and have ABS braking system.
• 270Nm torque production is frequently seen in Ford Focus vehicles.
• It can reach up to 250 kilometers per hour.
• Ford Focus is one of the most ideal family vehicles with its spacious interior design.
You can enjoy your journey by renting this comfortable vehicle from our Malatya Airport Car Rental office easily and at affordable prices.
Oberklasse Ford Focus veya benzeri
Ford Focus
  • 5 Personen
  • 3 Koffer
  • Limousine
  • Automatik
  • Diesel
  • Mindestalter: 21 - Führerscheinalter: 1 Jahr(e)
  • Für dieses Fahrzeug ist eine Kaution von 50 ¤ erforderlich.
Ford Focus
  • Koşulsuz iptal ve %100 ücret iadesi
  • Diebstahlsicherung (TP)
  • Unfallversicherung (CDW)
  • Individuelle Unfallversicherung für Passagiere
  • Kostenlose RoadThird Party Haftpflichtversicherung Hilfe
  • 24/7 Kostenlose Pannenhilfe
  • Faire Kraftstoffpolitik (Gleich zu Gleich)
  • Mehrwertsteuer und alle anderen Steuern
  • Zusätzlicher Fahrer
  • GPS Navigation
  • Kindersitz
  • Reifen-Glas-Scheinwerfer-Versicherung (TGH)
  • Mini-Schadensversicherung
  • Super Versicherung
  • Vollkaskoversicherung (SCDW)
  • Paket für junge Fahrer + 1 (Alter)
  • Kış Latiği
  • Zusätzliche 250 km
  • Zusätzliche 500 km
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